Contract Assistance

Case Study „Contract Assistance“


  • Strategic decision by management to sell a company division that does not belong to the parent company’s core business
  • M&A process managed by internal M&A department of vendor
  • Deliberate award of advisory contracts to external consultants in the context of the M&A process


  • Preparation of information about targets in the financing, tax, and legal areas
  • Preparation of information request lists for relevant issues
  • Check on available documents in terms of completeness, logic, and consistency
  • Setup and servicing of a data room
  • Preparation of financial, tax, and legal fact books
  • Discussion of material issues with the client
  • Preparation of weekly status reports
  • Intensive support in the context of Q&A sessions
  • Answering of questions from potential buyers with regard to the fact books


  • Successful sale of targets
  • Target-oriented and efficient cooperation with the M&A department of the client

About the client

  • Leading pharmaceutical group with > €10.0bn of revenues and > 40,000 employees