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Business Plan Review

Business Plan Review

An independent plausibility check increases the credibility and acceptance of a company’s business plan.

This can be a sensible course of action on a number of occasions:

  • Preparation of company foundations
  • (Re)Financing
  • Transactions
  • Preparation of strategic decisions
  • Investment decisions

Depending on the company size and complexity and on the required scope of analysis and evaluation, our business plan reviews are customised to the individual client situation. They serve as a decision-making aid for the stakeholders involved.

The typical scope of business plan reviews comprises:

  • Analysis of net assets, financial position, and results of operations
  • Formal plausibility check: Review of planning method and of computational correctness and completeness of the integrated business plan (net assets, financial position, and results of operations)
  • Material plausibility check: Review and evaluation of planning assumptions
  • Analysis of return and debt service capacity
  • Sensitivity analyses and scenario calculations