When sailing heavy seas.


Sustainable concepts and
quick implementation

GrafikA situation that threatens a company’s existence usually follows a specific pattern: A strategic crisis leads to an earnings crisis which eventually becomes a liquidity crisis, which in turn possibly leads to insolvency. Especially in an ever more dynamic market and competitive environment, the risk of sliding into a crisis grows. In such situations, we support our clients with sustainable restructuring concepts and quick implementation of reasonable measures.

In a crisis situation, it is essential to restore lost confidence. The reorganisation concept shows possible courses of action and solutions to the parties involved, and it thus paves the way back to profitability. Getting third party advice is a sensible course for companies in a critical situation, since refinancing is usually not possible without an assessment of the chances for a turnaround by independent advisors.

Our clients benefit from our long-term experience in dealing with critical situations. We support them in avoiding dangerous pitfalls in the restructuring process and in taking the necessary direct and long-term measures. Of course, we also provide support in the implementation phase and actively help our clients back on track.

The offer is relevant for:

  • Companies and their bodies
  • Shareholders and their bodies
  • Debt capital providers and credit insurers
  • Investors
  • Insolvency administrators