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Independent Business Review

Independent Business Review

Within the scope of restructuring processes or other organisational, capital, and investment decisions, it is often required to clarify the financial and economic performance of the company from an independent point of view and in a timely manner.

The typical scope of an independent business review (IBR) comprises:

  • Analysis of net assets, financial position, and results of operations, including a critical evaluation
  • Analysis of company organisation and business model
  • Evaluation of the market and competitive position and of the company strategy
  • Analysis of company structures relating to economic performance
  • Analysis of the integrated business plan, scenario analysis, as appropriate
  • Analysis of debt service capacity
  • Indicative company valuation, as appropriate

Depending on the company size and complexity and on the required scope of analysis and evaluation, our independent business reviews (IBR) are customised to the individual client situation. They serve as decision support for the stakeholders involved.