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Investment / Divestment Strategy

Investment / Divestment Strategy

Whether it be a financial or a strategic investor: both pursue an individual investment strategy. Regardless of whether their portfolio of services and products should be complemented or new markets and regions should be developed – a well-prepared and focused investment strategy provides the basis for a successful transaction.

We support our clients in creating their investment strategy – may it be they lack the necessary transaction experience or personnel capacities, or they want to benefit from our industry and market know-how.

Typical contents of investment strategy services are:

  • Screening of markets, industries, or segments
  • Derivation of a target profile and evaluation of potential targets
  • Consideration of individual corporate objectives and financial position
  • Overview of opportunities and risks

Strategy determination is an integral part of the sales process as well. Whether our clients want to sell business divisions for strategic reasons, a consolidation of markets occurs, or there is no successor in a family-owned business – we help in a confidential manner to develop an individual divestment strategy and optimise the sales price.

Typical contents of divestment strategies are:

  • Definition of the target and actual state analysis
  • Preparation of a time and measurement schedule for the divestment process
  • Identification of value drivers and potential deal issues
  • Evaluation of potential buyers