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Teaser / Information Memorandum

Teaser / Information Memorandum

Shortlisted companies are usually contacted with use of the so-called teaser.

Typical contents of teasers are:

  • Anonymised short profile (incl. business / product portfolio)
  • Presentation of the transaction logic
  • Personnel / financial KPIs

If the teaser arouses serious buying interest from prospective buyers, they receive the more detailed Information Memorandum containing a depiction of strengths and opportunities of the sales object. The Information Memorandum enables potential investors to come up with an indicative offer.

Typical contents of the Information Memorandum are:

  • Company structure and history of the target
  • Business model / strategy
  • Management / staff
  • Financial KPIs
  • Customer / supplier structure
  • Market / competitive situation

Before handing over the Information Memorandum to potential investors, we support our clients on the preparation of the non-disclosure agreement.