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Carve-out Assistance

Carve-out Assistance


The carve-out describes the sale of a company part that has no individual legal status. This involves special challenges, since the part of the company to be separated is normally not an independent functional unit with separate financial information.

We support our clients in tackling the challenges associated with the carve-out and assist with the precise allocation of financial data, assets, and personnel, with the derivation of separate figures from company reporting, and with the separation of the corporate network structure.


We assist companies in creating an integrated "stand alone" plan for the part of the company which is to be sold.

Benefits of our solution approach:

  • Check on disposability
  • Robust derivation of a modified business plan for the carve-out unit which also provides the basis for determination of the purchase price
  • Data collection as a basis for the sales process
  • Preparation and documentation (including requirements for the data room)