If you want to know what your fleet is worth.



In a transaction context or on other occasions, the issue of finding the fair value or, respectively, the maximum or minimum purchase price must be addressed. In this situation, good guidance is a must. We issue expert valuation opinions and provide support on all valuation-related issues.

Corporate valuation requires differentiation between transaction-related matters (acquisition, sale, or merger) and other matters, e.g.

  • Initial public offerings (IPO)
  • Squeeze-outs
  • De-listings
  • Impairment tests
  • Changes in corporate structure
  • Tax-related matters

The challenge associated with enterprise valuation results from the fact that companies are complex entities and that, in consequence, aspects of corporate finance, capital market and decision theory must be taken into account. In addition, enterprise valuation is influenced by company accounting, issues relating to tax law, and, last but not least, strategic company planning. Today, the basis for enterprise valuation mainly consists of the future-oriented analysis of the valuation object.

We offer assistance on all valuation-related issues and conduct valuation of companies or single company parts.