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Enterprise Valuation

Enterprise Valuation (IDW S1)

The valuation of and reporting on companies or company parts according to the relevant standard (IDW S1) issued by the Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer in Deutschland (German Institute of Certified Public Auditors) is provided in form of an expert opinion.

The enterprise value is basically determined as the value of future profits. Both the (German) discounted earnings and the discounted cash flow approach have become well-established and proven in practice. Simplified price determination methods (e.g. earnings-, revenue- and production-related multiples) can offer clues for a plausibility assessment of valuation results in individual situations. Especially with regard to small and medium-sized companies, valuation practice regularly draws on simplified valuation approaches.

We can provide our support in enterprise valuation in different capacities:

  • Advisor
  • Independent expert
  • Arbitrator